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VPN Tools for Android

Top VPN services for your android device

VPN Tools for Android

VPN software there are many on the market, users are flocking to these programs to bypass restrictions of certain services or just browse anonymously. The issue of privacy is for months at the heart of public debate. Users feel more concerned regardless of their preferred navigation terminal. Besides the mobile VPN industry is booming. The marketplaces are full of Proxy VPN applications. Discover the best together.


The offer is huge on stores, therefore the choice is difficult. Between the very limited VPN (500 MB of navigation, extremely low speed), who do not work and those who bombard you with ads more than invasive, it is very difficult to make a choice and finding the right application. Don’t worry, we did it at your place. Here are the VPN Android and iOS free that you can use with confidence. VPTrends provides a list of the best android services and providers.

Betternet is a UFO on the planet VPN. Unlimited service is available on most popular platforms (the mac version is under development) and is completely free. So although of course as with any free VPN, you will find slight slowdowns of flow, but nothing major.

Touch VPN – Proxy VPN unlimited

Touch VPN service like Betternet stable and free. It allows you to select the country in which the server through which you will transit will be located. And unlike the first application it is in french and its interface is extremely simple to learn. If you do not want to bother to configure all plenty of settings and that your only concern is to hide your IP address, this program is the one that’s right for you.

Free VPN proxy By snap

The third free VPN service that we present is Snap. Like the first two there is a connection online service. It offers several countries connection, so you can choice from virtually to the Canada, in India or just in the United States. The France as other countries is also present, so don’t worry, if you are going abroad. Snap VPN is in french and has a feature to auto-reconnect when disconnected.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is exclusively available on Android. Too bad for holders of iPhone or iPad. This even simpler than all those VPN list previously. In its settings, you will find an option that allows you to connect directly to the launch of the application. Turbo VPN is aptly named since navigation remains fluid and you can watch videos with ease.


If you want to offer an optimal navigation and devoid of any advertising service speed, then put the hand in the Pocket. The tenors of the VPN services on computers offer also several formulas including mobile devices regardless of the OS. Applications are usually available for download free of charge and offers very limited free services so that you to test them. Expect to pay about 70 euros for an annual subscription.

Updated: March 14, 2017 — 8:20 am